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Post  AAR GTDon Mon Sep 11, 2017 12:56 pm

Here's my idea I've been figuring out a way to minimize tuning, maximize car selection, and maintain equality in a given class via a spec series. True spec series in real life allows for minor modifications and tuning as most of you know, but in Forza this is seldom the case. Most Forza spec series are non-tuneable identical cars which is something that really isn't entirely possible to do with real life cars. This is fine, but wouldn't it be way cooler and more fun to be able to use the entire roster of A-Class cars for example, rather than just a single car? But how? How can you create equality with so many unequal cars?

Here's my idea; first limit the Super Stock class to stock P.I. and no aero. Build your favorite car any way you like as long as it retains the stock P.I. and has no aero. Also, no drive train or engine swaps.

I've divided all of the A-Class cars into 4 sub-divisions. Then, each division will have a delayed start to create equality in a 20 lap race. There will be 2 races on Saturday nights 10:00 CST. One at a fast track and one at a handling track.

So the format will be a tandem back to back 20lap race on each type of track. The "season" will be an unconventional Saturday night event of 4 weeks. There will be no season points to tally, instead, we will recognize a weekly Super Stock Champion based on highest average finish between the 2 tracks. Drivers can only pick 1 car for both tracks, but each week drivers can change cars and are not stuck in the same car for the whole 4 week schedule. There will be a 1 week intermission as we test out the next Class for the next 4 week schedule.

Here is the 24 week Super Stock schedule:

Forza 6
A-Class Saturday Sept 23rd 30th, Oct 7th 14th tracks: Daytona 24hr night and Laguna Seca

Forza 7
C-Class Saturday Oct 28th, Nov 4th 11th 18th tracks: Sebring and Sonoma Short

S-Class Saturday Dec 2nd 9th 16th 23rd tracks: Daytona 24hr and Silverstone National

E-Class Saturday Jan 6th 13th 20th 27th tracks: Watkins Glen full and Lime Rock

B-Class Saturday Feb 10th 17th 24th, March 3rd tracks: Suzuka and Road Atlanta short

D-Class Saturday March 17th 24th 31st, April 7th tracks: Road America and Sebring short

Here's where we are at for A-Class at Daytona 24hr night, 20laps 2pits:

Super Stock A 667-700 72sec delay
Super Stock B 651-666 40sec delay
Super Stock C 650-631 20sec delay
Super Stock D 630-600 0sec delay

for a 5lap test use these numbers for now...

Super Stock A 667-700 18sec delay
Super Stock B 651-666 10sec delay
Super Stock C 650-631 5sec delay
Super Stock D 630-600 0sec delay

Liveries: Anything goes, but you must have a number plate with your Super Stock sub-class on all 4 sides. For example SS/D or SS/B or SS/A or SS/C. Must be big enough for your competitors to see.

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