"Rules of the Road"

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"Rules of the Road"

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Rules to Race By
Under no circumstances are you to intentionally make any contact with other cars you are racing against.
The "standard rule" is that if someone does bash you off the road by accident or otherwise, they are to wait for you and allow you to recover the position they took from you. If they do not, they risk a position penalty or race DQ.

Avoidable Contact
Any driver who, in the sole opinion of the Race Official, initiates avoidable contact with another competitor, whether or not such contact interrupts the other competitor's lap times, track position or damages other competitor's car, and whether or not such actions result in actual contact, may be warned or penalized.

Unjustifiable Risk
Any driver who, in the sole opinion of the Race Official, engages in any behavior deemed to represent an unjustifiable risk or careless/reckless endangerment may be warned or penalized.

Drafting is Allowed
Bump drafting, however, is not allowed, unless in a series where such actions take place, for example NASCAR. If you ride your opponent's bumper, and as result, push your opponent's car down the straights because of the draft, you are bump drafting.

Following Too Close
If you rear-end your opponent while braking hard into a corner because you are too close to him, you risk being penalized.
You can not "brake check" your opponent by purposely slamming on the brakes in order to damage his car or create a "get away gap" for any reason.

Rule on Passing
The responsibility of the pass is on the passing car and driver. However, the car being passed should not put either car in a detrimental situation and should not do anything abnormal or unexpected. In most cases slower cars should stay where they are rather than suddenly brake or vere off their normal racing line.

Blocking and Contact
Understand what blocking is - blocking is defending your position on the race track in a safe manner, but only as it relates to the racing line. You may not go off the racing line to block someone attempting to go around you! If the faster car is overtaking you, let them pass! The only exception to this is at the finish line, on the last lap, in an attempt to protect your finishing place (not on the last corner).
Defending your position, by positioning your car to the inside (relating to the upcoming corner) is legal, but only when it is not detrimental to the attacking driver - i.e, the repositioning does not cause the driver following to have to brake/avoid a collision - in essence, a safe distance between drivers.
"Closing the door" is fine, as long as the other car's position is not already established in the corner. That is, you can cut in front of someone from the outside to the inside of a corner as long as you make no contact. Diving down underneath your opponent on his inside, and using your opponents car as a guardrail to hold your line, is not allowed. If you are two-wide going into a turn, you must allow "track room" for your opponent to keep all four wheels on the track.

Cutting corners, short cutting the track, or "wall braking", is not allowed. You will be DNF'd for cheating of any kind and risk being banned from further competition in future FMC events. 2 tyres and the majority of the car must always stay on the track as defined by the painted line indicating the edge - going past this line is the equivalent of shortcutting.
If you lag out at any time during a race, your finishing position is dictated by the rules of that specific series.

Breaking the rules, the spirit of the rules, and intentional acts of reckless driving
will result in a loss of points, race DQ, or Series DQ.
This is a professional series and you are expected to drive like a professional.


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