Host Procedures

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Host Procedures

Post  OneFastRedneck on Fri Mar 02, 2012 6:47 pm

Want To Help Host?

We need as many hosts as possible, to insure we have all lobbies covered. There will be a Race Director that will provide step by step instructions, to all hosts, on setting up the lobbies. Being a host does not mean you will be hosting every round, it means you are available to host if needed. Thanks for helping out guys!

Saturday Night Clash Host Listing:

Coming Soon

Host Instructions:

Be online 15 minutes prior to start time. We will have a Race Director and need many support hosts. The Director will set up a Party chat 15 minutes prior to the start and will get all other hosts into the party. From there the lobbies will be set up and all invites sent out. We will sort any connection issues in the party chat, and shuffle racers as required to get everyone in. Do not start until the Race Director says go.

If you are Race Lobby Host, at the end of the race please collect the Total Race Times of all drivers in your lobby, and the Fastest Lap in your lobby. Promptly give your results to the Race Director or post on that weeks race thread.

Lobby Settings

Game Type: Custom
Environment: Any
Track: (View Series Details--Current Week)
Max Players: 16
Max AI: 0
Laps: 30
Damage: Cosmetic
Collisions: Always On(Off for qualifying)
# Of Teams: None
End Timer: None

Scoring: Time
Bigger Is Better: No
Best Lap Scores: No(Yes for qualifying)
End Condition: # Of Laps
Laps: week specific
Grid Order: Random
Ascending: No
Roll Off Delay: 0s(3 seconds for qualifying)
Player Groups: 1
Tag Enabled: No
Heats: 1

Force Stock Upgrades and Tuning - No
Assists - Any assist can be used

Allow Upgrades: Yes
Car Class: C
Car Make: Honda
Car Model: 1997 Honda Civic Type R

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Re: Host Procedures

Post  EZT Shotgunz on Sat Mar 24, 2012 11:12 am

I saw that I'm a backup host so I'm creating game setups for qualifying and race just in case.

How many laps is tonight's qualifying session?

And yes, I did see this:

There will be qualifying for Race 1 only, this is for lobby placement and to equalize the competition. After race 1 lobbies will be set by Average Race Points. Depending on the number of attendees, the Race Lobbies will be have between 8 and 16 drivers each and are set to a Random Grid Lineup.

What do you recommend for the end of race timer for the race? 3 or 4 minutes? What about qualifying? 2 minutes?

Sorry if these are newb/rookie questions, but I want to make sure I'm properly prepared.

EZT Shotgunz

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Re: Host Procedures

Post  Midnite Rider on Sat Mar 24, 2012 1:01 pm

Race timers should be set to "none" for both qualifying and race. Qualifying is 5 laps, 1 up to speed lap, 3 flying laps and lap 5 is for the host to collect times, they are supposed to pull over and stop while you record the results. You really need either a camera or someone in the room to have a camera for recording the race times for the race, unless you have a TV like Exess where you can freeze the screen. Hope this helps you out, all the info for the settings as far as laps go are dependant on that weeks race specifics and will be listed in the OP for that weeks race, or in the details thread. Cool



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Re: Host Procedures

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