Stock Car Series - Details & Rules

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Stock Car Series - Details & Rules

Post  GLR Viper58 on Sun Jan 23, 2011 5:50 pm


Series Organisers : GLR Lothar, GLR Viper58
Series Support Team : GLR1FastRedneck, GLR mikem

Fridays: 21:00 EST / 02:00 GMT(UK) / 10:00 West OZ (sat)
(times taken from

This event will see you driving ovals and selected road courses over a new two session 12 race format, followed by a 6 week Chase involving the top 16 points drivers from those sessions. Over 5 million credits at stake! It is also restricted to the first 100 Sign Ups only due to the gamertags friends list size restriction.

Sign Up period begins Tuesday 1st February - the first race is Friday 18th February


This season you may choose which car make you drive in each race; however, you can not use any car make more than 4 times in a session. As there are 12 races per session, you may use the Chevy in 4 races of your choosing, the Dodge in another 4 races, and the Ford in 4 races. No points will be scored for any car make used more than 4 times in a session. Similarly in the Chase, you may use each car make twice during those six races.


Qualifying this season will be held on Friday nights before the race. Qualifying lobbies will be set up and invites sent at 20:45 EST / 01:45 GMT / 09:45 West OZ (Sat). Qualifying will start promptly at 21:00 EST. Drivers will have 3 flying laps to put down their best time. Only certified laps will be counted as official. This best time will determine into which race lobby you qualify.

(Collisions OFF, Damage limited, Any Assists)


The race will begin shortly after Qualifying has been completed and the lobbies sorted. All drivers will get an invite from their room host. Please be patient but if you have not received an invite by 20 minutes after qualifying has completed please contact a race official.

Grids will be ordered by qualifying times but those drivers who state they are not racing will be removed, and the grid re-ordered. All rooms should be set to have an End of Race Timer of None, so everyone can finish the race. Each race will begin with a Pace Lap for the rolling 2x4 gridded start on Lap 2. The Pole Sitter will lead the pack around the track at a pace speed of 90 MPH with all drivers getting in their correct position. The race will begin only when all drivers are lined up and ready to go, and only when the Pole Sitter reaches the Start/Finish Line and says "3-2-1-GO, GO, GO". No driver can accelerate past the pace speed until after race has begun. No position changes should occur before "Go" is called by the pole. This applies to restarts too. If a jump start occurs, a restart will take place. Restarts may also be called for a single accident involving 3 or more cars in the first 3 race laps (Specifically restarts are not allowed for separate incidents involving 1 or 2 cars). If a driver lags-out within the first 3 laps, then a restart can take place. All races are 50 laps with the exception of the three road courses which are 25 laps.


Any incident involving one or more cars that blocks the track must be called as "Official Caution", and the driver having the incident must call this out to warn all drivers. After the Caution is called, positions are maintained with no further passing of cars not involved and everyone will safely slow down to the Pace speed. The pits are then closed until all drivers have caught up to the leader in single file, and are only opened by the lead driver, by explicitly stating "The pits are now open". Violating this rule and pitting will result in a driver penalty of going to the back of the pack before the restart. You cannot pass any cars when entering the pits, but drivers may gain or lose positions due to the length of their
pit stop. The field is frozen upon pit exit positions. The leader must assume Pace Car functionality during Caution Periods - going slow and steady - with all drivers lined up in the positions they were in prior to the Caution Period, or, if pit stops were made, the pit exit positions. The cars that caused the caution will go to the back of the pack, but in front of any driver that violated pitting procedures. The restart will then only take place when all cars are in position, and the lead car starts the race at the start/finish. All restarts are to be double file, just like at the start of the race.

If any cars pull off the track to pit (meaning they already pitted once or chose not to pit the first time it was available) the restart will take place as usual with the remaining cars on track taking the green flag while the pitting cars will have to exit pit road and then get up to speed. No cautions can be called once the Race Leader has started the 21st or 46th lap (depending on the track), but you still must notify all racers of the incident.


The first car one or more laps down gets the "Lucky Dog" award and can pass the leader once to get one of his laps back after pit stops have been completed.


Bump drafting is allowed between co-operating cars. Bump drafting is not allowed when the lead driver asks you not to bump him. It is advised that you always allow at least 3 feet between cars to guard against "micro-lag" or "lag spikes."


A mandatory green flag pit will be required for all races this season. The pit should be between laps 5 and 45 (or 5 and 20 for 25 lap races). Note that pits under caution WILL NOT be counted towards this requirement. Any car exiting pit road must stay at the bottom or the inside of the track until they are up to racing speed.


The car holding the position can make one move to defend the position up to the last lap. On the last lap they can make more than one. The car trying to take the position has to call out if and when he gets alongside the car in front. If the lead car moves over to block and the chasing car is already alongside, even if only by a bumper, the lead car risks causing a crash that would be his fault, not the fault of the chasing car.


All lapped cars must pay attention to where the lead lap cars are on the track. Once the lead lap cars get close to them they must stay to one side of the track, either the left or the right, until the lead lap cars have passed.

(Collisions ON, Damage Limited, Any Assists)


This year the season consists of two Sessions of 12 races each. The schedule may be seen here.

Races identified with 'R' are using the Restricted Build (Restrictor Plates installed). All races are 50 laps with the exception of the Road Courses which are 25 laps.


At the end of the two sessions, point totals from each session will be ordered and the top 16 unique drivers will be selected to compete in the Chase. The Chase drivers will be eligible to win the overall Stock Car championship, but anyone can enter these 6 races. Those in the who make the chase will have their points reset to 5000, with a 10 point bonus for every race won through the series. Qualifying for each Chase race will be held as in any other session race with lobbies and grids set by Qualifying time.


A BONUS Point will be awarded to each lobby winner (with 4 or more cars in the room).

Lagout or leaving before 50% completed Race Distance = last placed points in lowest room
Lagout or leaving after 50% completed Race Distance = last placed points in your room
Drivers who can't connect to their race room (see Connections below) = last placed points in your qualifying room
Drivers who couldn't race due to insufficient numbers (see Additional Info) = points for qualifying position


- Your unique car number must be placed on all 4 sides and the roof
- Our web address must appear on the 2 sides
=== the size is adjustable but should be easily viewable
=== any additional locations is down to user preference

You may run a livery style and design that follows the real NASCAR, or a fantasy design. You are allowed to change your livery throughout the series as long as the livery that you race with has your unique FMC number on all 4 sides and the roof and includes the official FMC Stock Car series logo. This can be found for free in the storefront by searching for "FMC Stock Car". It may be found on the GLR Viper58 storefront and is free. It must be placed on both sides of the car, ideally by the front wheel or alternatively the rear wheel.


Session A Winner's Bonus - 25,000 credits
Session B Winner's Bonus - 25,000 credits

Overall Chase Bonuses

1st Place - 1,500,000 credits - Plus a Boss Hamster Original Stock Car Paint
2nd Place - 1,000,000 credits
3rd Place - 750,000 credits
4th Place - 500,000 credits
5th Place - 400,000 credits
6th Place - 250,000 credits
7th Place - 200,000 credits
8th Place - 150,000 credits
9th Place - 125,000 credits
10th Place - 100,000 credits


Random car inspections will occur to prevent cheating. If your car does not match the specified build, you are disqualified from the series.

Each driver is required to have a microphone plugged in throughout the race to communicate with the other drivers in the room. A driver may be sanctioned for not appropriately communicating race conditions.

Rooms will feature 8 drivers. A minimum of 4 drivers are required for a room. If there aren't 4 drivers, that race will not take place. Those drivers will however receive race and series points based on their qualifying position.

It is recommended you save Replays which may aid in the resolution of disputes. Without video evidence it will be difficult for the race officials to adjudicate your cause.

You cannot cut corners. Racing is done on the track only. Anyone caught cutting will face
anything from a time penalty, grid penalty or disqualification.


If any driver is deemed to have infringed upon the rules, or shows careless or dangerous driving, he will be subject to penalty points, race exclusion, series exclusion, or permanent expulsion depending on the infraction. Each case will be considered based on actions during the race and the driver's previous history. Decisions will be carefully weighed by the series organizers and race officials and in the end be in the best interest of the series and fair play.

Some examples of infractions include:

- Failing to call an "Official Caution" and causing a crash
- Avoidable collisions with a competitor during a Caution Period
- Making a pit stop when the pits are not open
- Multiple jump starts by the same driver
- Failure to stay to the inside until at racing speed after exiting the pits
- Causing a crash by not staying to the inside until at racing speed
- Failure to stay to one side or illegally impeding another driver
- Causing a crash by not staying to one side
- Causing a crash by not allowing racing room
- Crashing or damaging a driver when unlawfully bump drafting.

In the end we all want to have fast, competitive racing but also want it fair and fun!


If you have any questions or queries regarding any aspect of the series, get in contact with the Series Organizers and Support Team.

GLR Lothar
GLR Viper58
GLR mikem


Communication is key! No-one's race should be ruined by someone else's mistake.
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Re: Stock Car Series - Details & Rules

Post  Guest on Tue Mar 22, 2011 11:19 am

Just so you know, You will earn points for the 2011 FMC Championship for this event!


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