2017 Stock Car Series #2 -- Details and Rules

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2017 Stock Car Series #2 -- Details and Rules

Post  OneFastRedneck on Sat Jun 24, 2017 5:35 pm

The 2017 FMC Stock Car Series is a points-based series, consisting of 9 races.

The Cars:

You may run any of the 24 NASCAR cars in the game.

So you must specify exactly what car you are using when you sign-up. State the make, in game number of the car and the primary sponsor of the car because some have 2 different paint schemes. You MUST use the same car all season or you will be disqualified for a race that the incorrect car is used.

The car may be painted with any livery, but must have large numbers on the right and left doors and roof. You must also incorporate the FMC Stock Car Series logo and web address into your livery. The logo and web address can be found by searching FMC. The picture below show the general location they should be placed. Please sign-up for a car number here.

Cars will be fully tunable and raced with the following upgrades:

Restrictor Plate -- Stock

Platform and Handling -- All race upgrades

Drivetrain -- Race

Wheels (Size - stock) -- Specialized  -- Classic ATS

Tires (Front and Rear) -- Max width

Engine Conversion -- Swap to 5.9L Race Engine

Class -- R900

No exceptions, anyone caught racing with an improper build will be ejected from the series and banned from FMC.

The Schedule:

Races are on Friday night and start at 21:00 EST U.S./20:00 CST U.S./02:00 GMT

Round 1 - July 21 2017 - Daytona Tri-Oval Day - 50 laps
Round 2 - July 28 2017 - Yas Marina Full Night - 18 laps
Round 3 - August 4 2017 - Indianapolis Oval - 50 laps
Round 4 - August 11 2017- Homestead Speedway - 2 - 41 lap stints
Round 5 - August 18 2017 - Watkins Glen Short - 31 laps
Round 6 - August 25 2017 - Daytona Tri-Oval Night - 50 laps
Round 7 - September 1 2017 - Indianapolis Oval - 50 laps
Round 8 - September 8 2017 - Road America - 20 laps
Round 9 - September 15 2017 - Homestead Speedway - 2 - 41 Lap Stints

Series Details & Rules:

Participants will recieve an invite from GLR1FastRedneck or GLR Lothar around 20:45 EDT U.S./19:45 CDT U.S./01:45  GMT.

Since game chat does not work very well at the moment, we will utilize party chat.

If we have more than 16 competitors show up for a race we will split the lobbies evenly.


Qualifying will start promptly at 21:00 EDT. Drivers will have 3 flying laps to put down their best time. Only certified laps will be counted as official. This best time will determine into which race lobby you qualify.

If you miss qualifying, you can still race but you will start in the back.

(Collisions Always Off, Damage Fuel and Tires, Any Assists)


The race will begin shortly after qualifying has been completed and the lobbies sorted. All drivers will get an invite from their room host. Please be patient but if you have not received an invite by 20 minutes after qualifying has completed please contact GLR1FastRedneck or GLR Lothar. (This will only happen if we have more then 24 competitors signed up.)

Grids will be ordered by qualifying times. All rooms should be set to have an End of Race Timer of None, so everyone can finish the race. Each race will begin with a Pace Lap for the rolling 2x2 gridded start on Lap 2. The Pole Sitter will lead the pack around the track at a pace speed of 80 MPH with all drivers getting in their correct position. The race will begin only when all drivers are lined up and ready to go, and only when the Pole Sitter reaches the Start/Finish Line and says "3-2-1-GO". No driver can accelerate past the pace speed until after race has begun. No position changes should occur before "Go" is called by the pole. This applies to restarts too. If a jump start occurs, a restart will take place and the person who jumped early will start in the back. A complete restart may also be called for a single accident involving 2 or more cars on the first lap of the race(restarts are not allowed for separate incidents involving only 1 car). If a driver lags-out on the first lap, then a restart can take place.


Any incident involving two or more cars must be called as "OFFICIAL CAUTION", and the driver having the incident must call this out to warn all drivers. After the Caution is called, positions are maintained with no further passing of cars not involved and everyone will safely slow down to the Pace speed. The leader will assume Pace Car functionality during Caution Periods - going 80 mph. Everyone will catch up to the leader and line up single file. The cars that caused the caution will go to the back of the pack. Once all cars are caught up, then you may pit under caution while maintaining the pace speed when entering pit lane. You may not pass a competitor while entering pit lane under caution. When pit stops are completed the Lucky Dog will be determined. The first car one or more laps down gets the "Lucky Dog" award and can pass the leader once to get one of his laps back after pit stops have been completed. The restart will then only take place when all cars are in position, and the lead car starts the race at the start/finish. All restarts are to be double file, just like at the start of the race.

No cautions can be called once the Race Leader has started the lap 27(Watkins Glen), lap 16(Yas Marina), lap 18(Road America), lap 46(Daytona & Indianapolis) and lap 37(stint #2 @ Homestead), but you still must notify all racers of the incident.


Bump drafting is allowed between co-operating cars. Bump drafting is not allowed when the lead driver asks you not to bump him. It is advised that you always allow at least 5 feet between cars to guard against "micro-lag" or "lag spikes."


2 mandatory pit stops will be required for all races this season except for Homestead where there will be 1 mandatory pit stop during each stint. Pit stops can only take place after you have started lap 5 on Oval Tracks, and after you have started lap 3 on Road Courses. Pit stops must be completed before the last lap of any race. Any car exiting pit road must stay at the bottom or the inside of the track until they are up to racing speed.


The car holding the lead position can make one move, per attempt, to defend the position up to the last lap. On the last lap they can make more than one. The car trying to take the position has to call out if and when he gets alongside the car in front. If the lead car moves over to block and the chasing car is already alongside, even if only by a bumper, the lead car risks causing a crash that would be his fault, not the fault of the chasing car.


All lapped cars must pay attention to where the lead lap cars are on the track. Once the lead lap cars get close to them they must stay to one side of the track, either the left or the right, until the lead lap cars have passed.


If you lag out before 50% race completion you will be moved to the bottom of the overall results based on the lap you lagged out. For multiple lobbies, if you lag out after 50% completion you will be awarded last finishing position in your lobby also based on the lap you lagged out.

(Collisions ON, Damage Fuel and Tires, Any Assists)

Lobby Settings:

Game Type - Circuit
Environment - Current weeks race
Track - Current weeks race
Track Scenario - Day unless otherwise noted in the schedule
Max Drivers - 24
Max Drivatars - 0
Quick Stops - No(Qualifying) and Yes(Race)
Quick Stops - 1(Homestead) and 2(All Others)
Laps - 3(Qualifying) - see schedule for race distance
Damage Difficulty - Fuel and Tires
Collision Mode - Always Off(Qualifying) and Always On(Race)
Start Type - Fixed
Car Class - R
Drive Type - Any

Advanced Rules
Scoring Type - Time Based
Bigger Is Better - No
Compare Best Lap Scores - Yes(Qualifying) and No(Race)
End Condition - NUMLAPS
Grid Ordering - Random
Roll Off Delay - Yes(Qualifying)
# of Player Buckets - 1
# of Teams - None
End of Race Time - None

Overrides - Only change what is listed
Force Stock Upgrades and Tuning - No

Car Restrictions - Only change what is listed
Allow Upgrades - Yes
Horsepower - 825
Division - NASCAR
Class -- R900

Points Table:

We will count your 8 best finishes toward the final standings. Your worst result will be dropped, meaning you can miss a race and still be in contention for the championship.

If we have multiple race lobbies, the winner of each lobby will earn one bonus point.

The top overall qualifier will also earn one bonus point every race.

Want to race in the 2017 NASCAR Stock Car Series #2? Click Here

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