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2017 Pro Mazda Championship -- Details & Rules

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2017 Pro Mazda Championship -- Details & Rules Empty 2017 Pro Mazda Championship -- Details & Rules

Post  Lothar Mon Mar 20, 2017 4:45 pm

2017 Pro Mazda Championship -- Details & Rules 28w30k8

The FMC Pro Mazda Championship is a points-based series, consisting of 9 Sprint races and 9 Feature races on 9 different tracks. The series features races that are determined by Total Race Time. In other words you are racing against everyone in the series, not just the racers in your lobby.

Series Organiser - GLR NellyDRacer
Series Support - GLR Lothar

The Car:

2015 Formula Mazda

No upgrades are allowed on the car. However, you are allowed to tune the car.

Livery Requirement:

There are 2 livery requirements which consist of the FMC web address and the placement of your car number.

You can find the FMC web address decal by searching FMC when applying decals or you can create your own.

The FMC web address should be placed on the bottom of the side pod on both sides. You can use any style number you choose but it must be placed on the both sides of the rear wing and on the nosecone. Below are pictures of where the web address and car numbers should be placed.

2017 Pro Mazda Championship -- Details & Rules 293u3nl    2017 Pro Mazda Championship -- Details & Rules 4j0qjn

The Schedule:

Races are on Saturdays and start at 8:00 P.M. EDT U.S./12:00 A.M. GMT/1:00 A.M. BST

Race 1 - April 15 - Catalunya National - Sprint Race 10 laps - Feature Race 30 laps
Race 2 - April 22 - Homestead Road Circuit - Sprint Race 9 laps - Feature Race 26 laps
Race 3 - April 29 - Long Beach Full - Sprint Race 9 laps - Feature Race 27 laps
Race 4 - May 6 - Brands Hatch Grand Prix - Sprint Race 8 laps - Feature Race 25 laps
Race 5 - May 13 - Road Atlanta Club - Sprint Race 13 laps - Feature Race 40 laps
Race 6 - May 20 - Laguna Seca - Sprint Race 9 laps - Feature Race 26 laps
Race 7 - May 27 - Silverstone International - Sprint Race 11 laps - Feature Race 34 laps
Race 8 - June 3 - Hockenheimring National - Sprint Race 8 laps - Feature Race 25 laps
Race 9 - June 10 - Yas Marina Corkscrew Night - Sprint Race 7 laps - Feature Race 19 laps

Race Details:

Participants will receive an invite from their pre-designated host around 7:50 P.M. EDT U.S./11:50 P.M. GMT/12:50 A.M. BST. Racing will begin promptly at 8:00 P.M. EST.

We will run the Sprint Race first then we will run the Feature Race. The Feature Race grid will be reverse of the Sprint Race results. There will be a 5 minute break between the Sprint and Feature races.

Lobbies will be set by qualifying time for the first Sprint Race, for more details on qualifying for the first race click HERE. Lobbies for races 2-9 will be set by average points per race.

All races will be rolling starts, with the grid set manually according to line up in each weeks race thread. Restarts may occur if a driver lags out on the first lap, or 2 or more drivers wreck on the first lap. Number of restarts are limited to 2.

Since game chat does not work very well at the moment, we will utilize party chat.

If we have more than 16 competitors we will split the lobbies evenly.


There will be 1 mandatory pit stop during Feature Races between lap 3 & the penultimate lap, which means you must pit on lap 3 or by the end of the next-to-last lap. You may make more than 1 pitstop if needed. Any car exiting pit road must stay off the preferred racing line until they are up to racing speed.


The car holding the position can make one move, per corner to defend the position up to the last lap. On the last lap they can make more than one per corner. The car trying to take the position has to call out if and when he gets alongside the car in front. If the lead car moves over to block and the chasing car is already alongside, even if only by a bumper, the lead car risks causing a crash that would be his fault, not the fault of the chasing car.


If you cause a collision with another car that causes them to lose positions you must pull over and let them pass you. When in doubt, let them pass you as all reported incidents will be reviewed. If you wish to report an incident please contact the series organizers with evidence.


All lapped cars must pay attention to where the lead lap cars are on the track. Once the lead lap cars get close to them they must stay to one side of the track, either the left or the right, until the lead lap cars have passed.

The finishing order is determined by Total Race Time from all competitors in all lobbies.

(Collisions ON, Damage Fuel and Tires, Any Assists)

Lobby Settings:

Game Type - Circuit
Environment - Current weeks race
Track - Current weeks race
Track Scenario - Day unless otherwise noted in the schedule
Max Drivers - 16
Max Drivatars - 0
Quick Stops - Yes(Feature Only)
Quick Stops - 1(Feature Only)
Laps - Current weeks race
Damage Difficulty - Fuel and Tires
Collision Mode - Always On
Start Type - Rolling
Car Class - S
Drive Type - RWD

Advanced Rules
Quick Stops - Yes(Feature Only)
Quick Stops - 1(Feature Only)
Scoring Type - Time Based
Bigger Is Better - No
Compare Best Lap Scores - No
End Condition - NUMLAPS
Grid Ordering - Manual
# of Player Buckets - 1
# of Teams - None
End of Race Time - None

Car Restrictions - Only change what is listed
Allow Upgrades - No
Car Class - S
Make - Mazda
Model - Formula Mazda

Points Table:

2017 Pro Mazda Championship -- Details & Rules Df8sw4

Note: We will be dropping each driver's worst finish. Final Points Standings will be based on each driver's best 8 finishes out of 9. This will allow each driver to miss 1 race in the series. 

Bonus Points:

1 bonus point will be awarded for each lobby winner.

There will also be bonus points awarded based on how many competitors show up to each weeks race. For example, if we have 24 competitors in race 1 the second place competitor would earn 99 place points + 24 competitor points, for a total of 123 points.


1st -- $25 Xbox Gift Card/Code
2nd -- $15 Xbox Gift Card/Code
3rd -- $10 Xbox Gift Card/Code

There are prizes up for grabs for this series but we must maintain a minimum participation level during the season. In order for the prizes to be available at the end of the season, we must have at least 16 participants compete in at least 8 of the 9 scheduled races. So please invite your friends and keep reminding them on a weekly basis to show up the races.

Want to race in the FMC Pro Mazda Championship, click HERE?


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