2017 Spec Series #1 -- Car Upgrade & Livery Requirements

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2017 Spec Series #1 -- Car Upgrade & Livery Requirements

Post  Lothar on Sun Jan 22, 2017 4:23 pm

The Car:

2015 Audi TTS


All upgrades listed below must be used and no others are allowed. If you are found to be using a different build then posted your results from previous races will be disqualified for your first offense. For a second offense you will be banned from the FMC. Please just follow the rules stated.

Engine Upgrades

Race Intake Air Filter
Race Exhaust
Sport Turbo

Platform & Handling

Sport Brakes
Sport Springs & Dampers
Sport Front Anti-roll Bar
Sport Rear Anti-roll Bar
Race Roll Cage & Chasis Reinforcement
Race Weight Reduction


Sport Driveline

Tires & Rims

Race Tire Compound
Multi Piece Rim Style - HRE 546R

Aero & Appearance

Race Front Bumper
Race Rear Wing

Livery Requirement:

There is only one livery requirement which is the FMC Spec Series number plate. You can apply the number plate by searching FMC when applying decals. Below is a picture of where it should be placed on the right and left sides of the car.

Leave the size the way it is when you apply it to your car.

Use white numbers, any style you want. I had to size my numbers to .20x.20 to get them to fit.


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