Best way to post pictures

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Best way to post pictures

Post  Guest on Sat Mar 31, 2012 8:23 pm

Best way to post pictures that I've found.

1. You don't have to resize the prints you post on this website, the website software will do it for you. It is advised to crop your photo if nessassary so we can read it or see what your want us to see.

2. Setup an account on Photobucket It's free and the pictures don't disappear all of a sudden after a couple of months. There are some good editing tools there as well.

3. If you're taking a picture of the results screen, use your cell phone and get the photobucket app for it. That way you can take the picture and upload directly to your photobucket account.

4. If you're taking the picture from Forza, go to your my Forza page and save the photo to your computer. Use Photobucket to upload the png file and it will convert it automatically to a jpg. Post the link to the webpage using the insert image command.

As you get move advanced, Photobucket has a lot of other tools you can use, like bulk uploaders, ftp interface, image editors, a Firefox plugin, which doesn't work with png files yet.

sample of a full size png file from My Forza uploaded and auto-converted to a jpg. Resized by the FMC website with the option to view full size.


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