Saturday Night Clash 2 - Series Details

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Saturday Night Clash 2 - Series Details

Post  OneFastRedneck on Fri Mar 02, 2012 6:46 pm

Saturday Night Clash - Series 2

This Saturday Night Clash is a points-based series, consisting of 6 races on 6 different

The Car:

1997 Honda Civic Type R - C425

Car Build(If it is not listed, you cannot install it):

Cheating is not tolerated here at FMC. All cars will be inspected via replay telemetry.
Anyone caught running an illegal build will be banned from FMC indefinately!

HP: 213
TQ: 135
WT: 2715

Drivetrain Swap-RWD
Aspiration Swap-Centrifugal Supercharger

Engine and Power:
Street Intercooler

Platform and Handling:
Race Springs, Race Roll Bars, Race Chassis
Sport Weight Reduction

Sport Transmission
Race Differential

Tires and Rims:
Race Tire Compound
Stock Tire Width On Front, 205/45/16 Width On Back
16" Diameter Motegi Traklite 1.0 Rims or Any Make Rim That Brings Car To C-425

Aero and Appearance:
Forza Front Bumper, Forza Rear Wing, Buddy Club Rear Bumper, Buddy Club Side Skirts

The Livery:

The car may be painted with any livery, but the car must have the FMC Decal, the FMC
website address (, and the Saturday Night Clash 2 Number Plate,
on both the left and right side. The number plate must have the drivers FMC# in it.
Below is a reference of what the required labels look like.

The Saturday Night Clash 2 number plate, the label, and the FMC
Decal can be found at FMC Racing's Storefront at no cost, search "FMC Racing".

The Schedule:

Races are on Saturdays at 9:00 P.M. EST U.S.

Round 1 - Mar 24th - Suzuka East - Sunset
Round 2 - Mar 31st - Atlanta Club
Round 3 - April 7th - Hockenheimring Short - Sunrise
Round 4 - April 14th - Mugello Club
Round 5 - April 21st - Sunset Club Reverse
Round 6 - April 28th - Sedona Club Reverse

Basic Lobby Settings:

Starting Lineup: Random
Collisions: On
Damage: Cosmetic
Race Timer: None
Assists: Any

Race Details:

Participants will recieve an invite from their pre-designated host around 9:00 PM EST.

There will be qualifying for Race 1 only, this is for lobby placement and to equalize the
competition. After race 1 lobbies will be set by Average Race Points. Depending on the
number of attendees, the Race Lobbies will be have between 8 and 16 drivers each and
are set to a Random Grid Lineup. The start will be a standing start at the green. Restarts
may occur if at least 2 drivers lag out on the first lap, or 3 or more drivers wreck on
the first lap. Number of restarts are limited to 3.

All races will be 30 laps. There will be a mandatory pit stop between laps 3 and 28.

Finishing order is determined by Driver's Total Race Times from all lobbies.

Attention: Drivers must collect their own Total Race Times and give them
to the Host at the end of each race. Each participant must have a way (pen and
paper, camera, etc.) to record their own Total Race Time. Times will be verified by
replay whenever possible. If a driver fails to report a time to the host, and the time
cannot be found on a replay, that driver will not be scored.

Championship Points Table:


There will be a Teams Championship, however drivers are not required to be on
a team. Teams must have at least 2 drivers and no more than 3. Team points, for
each race, will be based on the 2 highest scorers from each team. Teams are not
required run the same livery.

Note: We will be dropping each driver's and each team's worst finish at the end of
the series. Final Points Standings will be based on each driver's best 5 finishes out
of 6. This will allow each driver to miss 1 race in the series. Any driver that misses
3 races in a row is subject to be removed from the lineup

Bonus Points:

Earn up to 8 bonus points per race!

Participation - 6 Points
Win (In Your Lobby) - 1 Points
Fast Lap (In Your Lobby) - 1 Points

Saturday Night Clash Purse:

Individual Points Purse
1st - 500,000 Credits
2nd - 300,000 Credits
3rd - 200,000 Credits
4th - 150,000 Credits
5th - 100,000 Credits
6th - 90,000 Credits
7th - 80,000 Credits
8th - 70,000 Credits
9th - 60,000 Credits
10th - 50,000 Credits

Team Points Purse:
1st - 300,000 Credits
2nd - 225,000 Credits
3rd - 150,000 Credits

Wanna race in the Saturday Night Clash? Go Here

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Re: Saturday Night Clash 2 - Series Details

Post  Guest on Sat Mar 10, 2012 7:25 pm

This is like a dream come true for me, looking forward to this one Very Happy Very Happy


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Re: Saturday Night Clash 2 - Series Details

Post  Guest on Sun Mar 11, 2012 11:14 am

Note for any international drivers, daylight savings begins in the USA on March 11.

Be sure to can check the time for your location:


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Re: Saturday Night Clash 2 - Series Details

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