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Series Details

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Seat Supercup Clash

The Seat Supercup Clash is a points-based series, consisting of 6 races on 6 different

The Car:

Seat Leon Supercup

Stock Build / Stock Tune

The car may be painted with any livery, but the car must have the FMC Decal, the FMC
website address (, and the Seat Supercup Clash Number Plate,
on both the left and right side. The number plate must have the drivers FMC# in it.

The Seat Supercup Clash number plate, the label, and the FMC
Decal can be found at FMC Racing's Storefront at no cost, search "FMC Racing".

The Schedule:

Races are on Sundays at 9:00 P.M. EST U.S.

Round 1 - Feb. 5th - Bernese Alps Club Reverse - Early Afternoon
Round 2 - Feb 12th - Silverstone International - Mid Afternoon
Round 3 - Feb 19th - Infineon Nascar - Sunrise
Round 4 - Feb 26th - Motegi East - Mid Afternoon
Round 5 - Mar 4th - Hockenheimring National - Sunrise
Round 6 - Mar 11th - Sunset Full Reverse - Early Afternoon

Basic Lobby Settings:

Starting Lineup: Random
Collisions: On
Damage: Cosmetic
Race Timer: None
Assists: Any
Upgrades: No
Tuning: No

Race Details:

Participants will recieve an invite from their pre-designated host around 9:00 PM EST.

There will be qualifying for Race 1 only, this is for lobby placement and to equalize the
competition. After race 1 lobbies will be set by Series Points. Depending on the number
of attendees, the Race Lobbies will be have between 8 and 16 drivers each and are
set to a Random Grid Lineup. The start will be a standing start at the green. Restarts
may occur if at least 2 drivers lag out on the first lap, or 3 or more drivers wreck on
the first lap. Number of restarts are limited to 3.

All races will be 25 laps. There will be a mandatory pit stop between laps 3 and 23.

Finishing order is determined by Driver's Total Race Times from all lobbies.

Attention: Drivers must collect their own Total Race Times and give them
to the Host at the end of each race. Each participant must have a way (pen and
paper, camera, etc.) to record their own Total Race Time. Times will be verified by
replay whenever possible. If a driver fails to report a time to the host, and the time
cannot be found on a replay, that driver will not be scored.

Championship Points Table:


There will be a Teams Championship, however drivers are not required to be on
a team. Teams must have at least 2 drivers and no more than 3. Team points, for
each race, will be based on the 2 highest scorers from each team. Teams are not
required run the same livery.

Note: We will be dropping each driver's and each team's worst finish at the end of
the series. Final Points Standings will be based on each driver's best 5 finishes out
of 6. This will allow each driver to miss 1 race in the series. Any driver that misses
3 races in a row is subject to be removed from the lineup

Bonus Points:

Earn up to 6 bonus points per race!

Participation - 4 Points
Win (In Your Lobby) - 1 Points
Fast Lap (In Your Lobby) - 1 Points

Seat Supercup Clash Purse:

Individual Points Purse
1st - 500,000 Credits
2nd - 300,000 Credits
3rd - 200,000 Credits
4th - 150,000 Credits
5th - 100,000 Credits
6th - 90,000 Credits
7th - 80,000 Credits
8th - 70,000 Credits
9th - 60,000 Credits
10th - 50,000 Credits

Team Points Purse:
1st - 300,000 Credits
2nd - 225,000 Credits
3rd - 150,000 Credits

Wanna race in the Seat Supercup Clash? Go Here

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