V8 Super Car Challenge Details

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V8 Super Car Challenge Details

Post  Guest on Sun Oct 23, 2011 10:08 pm

Welcome to the V8 Super Car Challenge

The V8 Super Car Challenge is a points-based series, consisting of 6 races on 6 different tracks.

The Car:

Any V8 Super Car - stock tune, no upgrades

If you own a V8 Super car you can paint it and put your FMC # on it.

If you don't own one, you can use a stock car from the game garage.
FYI - The game gives you a car at about level 40.

You must use the same car and paint for the entire series.

The Schedule:

Races are on Wednesdays at 9:00 P.M. EST U.S.

Race Dates and Tracks:

Round 1 - Nov 2 - Nurburgring GP Full
Round 2 - Nov 9 - Road America
Round 3 - Nov 16 - Hockenheimring Full
Round 4 - Nov 30 - Sedona Full - Reverse
Round 5 - Dec 7 - Indianapolis GP
Round 6 - Dec 14 - Infineon IRL

Basic Lobby Settings:

Starting Lineup: Random
Collisions: On
Damage: Cosmetic
Race Timer: None
Assists: Any
Upgrades: No
Tuning: No

Race Details:

Participants will recieve an invite from their pre-designated host around 9:00 PM EST.

There will be qualifying for Race 1 only, this is for lobby placement and to equalize the
competition. After race 1 lobbies will be set by Average Series Points. Depending on the
number of attendees, the Race Lobbies will be have between 8 and 16 drivers each
and are set to a Random Grid Lineup.

The starts will be a standing starts at the green.
Restarts may occur if at least 2 drivers lag out on the first lap, or 3 or more drivers
wreck on the first lap. Number of restarts are limited to 3.

All races will be 25 laps. There will be a mandatory pit stop between laps 5 and 20.

The finishing order depends on the number of lobbies we have competing. Finishing
order is determined by Driver's Total Race Times for multiple lobbies, and by actual
finishing positions for only 1 lobby.

Championship Points Table:

Prizes TBD:

Note: We will be dropping each driver's worst finish at the end of the
series. Final Points Standings will be based on each driver's best 5 finishes out of 6.
This will allow each driver to miss 1 race in the series. Any driver that misses 3 or more races
is subject to be removed from the lineup, but can be added back in if needed

Bonus Points:

Earn up to 6 bonus points per race!

Participation - 4 Points
Win (In Your Lobby) - 1 Points
Fast Lap (In Your Lobby) - 1 Points

This event is not a FMC Championship Event, it is for fun only!

Wanna race in the V8 Super Car Challenge ? Go Here

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Re: V8 Super Car Challenge Details

Post  Guest on Mon Oct 31, 2011 8:05 pm

Changed this to be a six race mini series due to the holidays


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