XBox Live Hack

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XBox Live Hack

Post  GLR Viper58 on Thu Sep 01, 2011 1:05 pm

Last night something strange happened to me and I put this out there as a warning to everyone.

I was on XBL playing COD. At the same moment I got a page I lost XBL internet connection. After getting off my call I tried to sign back in and it told me my account was invalid. I signed in to an alternate silver account without difficulty but was unable to get into my main account. I went to my computer and couldn't get on MyXbox website. Went through the process of changing my Windows Live password, got onto Xbox website, got onto my console and recovered my account profile and everything was fine.

This morning I got an eMail that thanked me for my 6000 point Microsoft Point purchase! I went to my account and sure enough it showed me purchasing 6000 points for $82 and change and then spending it on a bunch of 240pt items and now my point balance was 0.

I called XBL and they said they had already detected it as possible fraud and locked my account and refunded my $82. In the end I lost 200 or 300 pts that were on my account. I could submit a fraud investigation request but they would lock my account for 3 weeks to investigate which seems a major pain in the ass over $4. Apparently my experience of loosing access last night was when my profile was recovered to another console. Anyway I put this out there so others can be aware of what this sort of thing might look like as I was not until now.

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Re: XBox Live Hack

Post  Midnite Rider on Thu Sep 01, 2011 2:29 pm

Wow, what a drag. Somehow they must hacked your info to get into your account to recover it to another xbox. Thanks for the heads up, I will keep a wary eye out.



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