FMC StockHatch Series 1 - Rules & Regulations

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FMC StockHatch Series 1 - Rules & Regulations

Post  EZT Neo 45 on Sat Jun 04, 2011 4:32 pm


Series Organizer: EZT Neo 45, EZT PDILLY
Series Support Team: EZT Uncabunca

Mondays: 19:00 CST / 01:00 GMT (UK) / 09:00 West OZ (Tues)
(times taken from

FMC events are catered for fun, clean, competitive racing. All skill levels are welcomed and encouraged to participate.
All we ask is that you are committed to the event. This means, if you sign up an event, you should complete it.
If you are not committed, then the FMC isn't for you.

This event will see you racing performance balanced FWD Hatchbacks, each with the same horsepower but with different weight—to make the faster cars heavier and the slower cars lighter—all done to increase the competition and fun! It is also restricted to the first 100 Sign Ups only due to the gamertag’s Friends List size restriction.

Sign Up period begins
Wednesday, 8th June and closes Sunday, 26th June - the first race is Monday, 20th June.


Competing in this series means you will collect FMC Championship Points - these points will determine who will be in the grande finale at the end of the season, to play for money and prizes, as well as the bragging rights!

To learn more about this and what the FMC Championship is all about, click here


To view the Official StockHatch Series 4 cars, click here


You do not need to be in a team to participate, but teams are supported. A team must have at least two (2)—no more than three (3)—drivers who must all drive the same car, with the two best point scoring drivers contributing to the team for that race meeting. Teams are frozen when the Sign Up period has closed, or when a drivers runs his first race. Team points are based off the regular points scheme, with a permitted dropped result from your final total.


Please be online and ready to race at 19:00 CST / 01:00 GMT (UK) / 09:00 West OZ (Tues). All drivers will get an invite from their room host. If you do not receive an invite by 19:10 CST / 01:10 GMT (UK) / 09:10 West OZ (Tues), please inform the Series Organizer or Support Staff.

Qualifying will take place at 19:20 CST / 01:20 GMT (UK) / 09:20 West OZ (Tues), and you will have five laps to set your best certified lap. Please space out on the opening lap to give each other room so you can all have clear, unimpeded qualifying laps. Any drivers that lagout or leave the session, will have their best time used as displayed by the results screen as long as they have completed one (1) fast lap. If the driver leaves without completing a fast lap, a restart must take place. No driver is to drive backwards around the track.

If you are late on arrival for qualifying, you may still get to qualify with a reduced three laps upon Series Organizers’ discretion. If it holds up Race Night proceedings however, you will not be able to qualify and will be placed at the back of the grid.

Each driver must have a certified lap achieved on their first lap. A slow cautionary lap must be carried out by every driver, staying on the track and away from the grass, curbs and walls. If your lap becomes uncertified, you will have to sacrifice another lap to achieve this very simple task, so go slow and be careful. All uncertified times will be placed behind certified times in order of fastest to slowest.

(Collisions OFF, Cosmetic Damage, TCS: OFF, STM: OFF)


Race Night will begin once Qualifying is completed and the times collected and ordered. All drivers will get an invite from their room host.

Each room will begin with a quick 1 lap race where drivers will finish in the correct position to which they are to start the main race for the gridded start. The room host will then order the grid by lobby points.

There is a mandatory pit stop for every race which must be taken at some point after the first three laps and before the last three laps. For example, for a 25 lap race, the pit window would be Laps 4 to 22. Whenever a driver enters or leaves the pits, they must call this out to the rest of the lobby. You must also stay on the tarmac at all times and try not to cut the pit entrance. When exiting the pit lane, you must stay to the side until you have got up to racing speed. Do not feed onto the racing line because this is dangerous.

These can only occur if the following happens:
- A driver lags out within the first three laps
- Racing collision involving three or more cars within the first three laps
- Large lag related crash within the first three laps

- Max Number of Starts (incl restarts): three

(Collisions ON, Cosmetic Damage, TCS: OFF, STM: OFF)


Race 1Sedona Club34 laps20-Jun19:00 CST / 01:00 GMT (UK) / 09:00 West OZ (Tues)
Race 2Road Atlanta Club38 laps27-Jun19:00 CST / 01:00 GMT (UK) / 09:00 West OZ (Tues)
Race 3**Mazda Laguna Seca25 laps11-Jul19:00 CST / 01:00 GMT (UK) / 09:00 West OZ (Tues)
Race 4Catalunya National30 laps18-Jul19:00 CST / 01:00 GMT (UK) / 09:00 West OZ (Tues)
Race 5Silverstone International26 laps25-Jul19:00 CST / 01:00 GMT (UK) / 09:00 West OZ (Tues)
Race 6Mugello Short37 laps01-Aug19:00 CST / 01:00 GMT (UK) / 09:00 West OZ (Tues)
Race 7Motegi East26 laps08-Aug19:00 CST / 01:00 GMT (UK) / 09:00 West OZ (Tues)
Race 8Nurburgring GP Short25 laps15-Aug19:00 CST / 01:00 GMT (UK) / 09:00 West OZ (Tues)
** = No race on Independence Day (4th July)


Room 1200197195193191189187185
Room 2183181179177175173171169
Room 3167165163161159157155153
Room 4151149147145143141139137

1 bonus point = Winner of a Room other than Room 1

If you do not complete the race through whatever reason, you will be classified as a retirement and your finishing position will be determined amongst other drivers of a similar situation.

If you cannot connect to your race room, you will receive last placed points for your qualifying room upon completing the Connection Confliction procedure stated below. This will be for the first 2 conflicts only, upon which you will then only receive overall last placed points.


Series Participation ( 7/8 ) - 50pts
Race Participation - 10pts


All participants should have their car numbers placed in five (5) locations; the two sides, the rear, the hood and the roof which should be easy to read, in addition to displaying in four (4) locations; the two sides, the rear and the front, which again, must be easily viewable. This is a general rule for FMC Events, but for Series specific details, read below.

Once officially signed up, you will be gifted the FMC StockHatch number plate. You should change the vinyl shape of the numbers to that of your own car number. Do not alter the size of the group, other than on the Hood (size 0.80) and the Roof (0.70) from the original. Your car must display '' using Lower Letters 1 and should be easily visible in your livery design. All mandatory graphics must appear on top of your design and in all locations shown above.

Teams must run the same paintjob, although differences such as displaying gamertag and nationality flags are permitted. If there is more than one team from a club for example, then you may run the same design but have different base paints or colors to show the difference. If desired, drivers within the same team may use different color side-view mirrors.


1st = 1,500,000
2nd = 1,000,000
3rd = 700,000
4th = 400,000
5th = 200,000


Random car inspections will occur to prevent cheating. If your car does not match the required stats, you are excluded from the series.

Once a car has been inspected, the build cannot be altered.

Out of eight races, your best seven results will count towards the championship standings. This means you can miss a round and still be in contention.

You are required to have a microphone plugged in during the race meeting, otherwise how can we communicate?

It is recommended you save Replays. This may help rectify disputes.

You cannot cut corners. Racing is done on the track only. Anyone caught cutting will face anything from a time penalty, grid penalty or DQ.


Your connection is your responsibility alone. You must ensure it is the best it can be and this includes turning off all other equipment using the internet during a race, being wired as opposed to wireless when possible (when wireless, making the signal strength the best it can be as denoted by the dashboard) and, finally as a last resort, resetting all equipment.

It is highly recommended to get your NAT to appear OPEN (found on your dashboard). If you cannot connect properly on race day, then it will not be delayed. Conflictions with other racers preventing access to rooms will need to be sorted by those in question, and those one or two racers will need to sort their problems, or they will not be allowed to race. The person with the better qualifying will be allowed to race, as long as he does not conflict with others. It is strongly recommended to get online 30 minutes before race time to work out any connection problems.

This guide
may help you sort your NAT problems.

Confliction on Race Night
If there is a confliction for your race room, you must find out who the confliction is with:
a) Room Host invites all his players to room
b) Driver who can't get in then opens a new room (correct settings)
c) He invites everyone in
d) Whoever can't get in is where the confliction is
e) From these 2 drivers, the one with the better qualifying will be allowed to race
This process should not take longer than 5 minutes.


If you have any questions or queries regarding any aspect of the series, get in contact with the Series Organizer and Support Team. Alternatively, Race Officials are available. Either PM them on the forum or send them a message on XBL. Don't send a friends request - it won't be accepted if we don't know you, or we don't have room. A message will be read though! The following are the primary Race Officials for this series:

EZT Neo 45
EZT Uncabunca
GLR Viper58


Communication is key! Even with cosmetic damage, chances cannot be taken that will risk other drivers. No-one's race should be ruined by someone else's mistake.

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Re: FMC StockHatch Series 1 - Rules & Regulations

Post  Midnite Rider on Sat Jun 11, 2011 1:16 pm

EZT Neo 45 wrote:If you are not committed, then the FMC isn't for you.

Well, I'm not "Officially" in an institution but I should be, If I am nuts but not in an institution can I still compete?? Question



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