FMC StockHatch Series 1 - Official Cars

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FMC StockHatch Series 1 - Official Cars

Post  EZT Neo 45 on Sat Jun 04, 2011 4:16 pm


These are the only cars that can be used for FMC StockHatch Series 1.

2,900 lb min:

  • 2007 Honda Civic Type R

2,800 lb min:

  • 2007 Peugeot 207 RC
  • 2007 Renault Clio RS 197

2,700 lb min:

  • 2003 Mini Cooper
  • 2006 Volkwagen Golf GTI

2,600 lb min:

  • 2007 SEAT Leon Cupra
  • 2004 Honda Civic Type R
  • 2006 Vauxhall Astra VxR



Each driver must get their car inspected before they can race to ensure it complies with the rules. All cars are to be sent to the Series Organizers or the Support Team—as denoted by the Rules and Regulations—who will check and note the build of the car. Once the car has passed inspection, you cannot change any parts on the car.

Cars must be sent no later than Saturday 18th June to participate in Race 1, or Sunday 26th June if joining in time for Race 2.


All cars must meet the following criteria. If it is listed, you must comply. How you achieve this is up to you.

Maximum Power : 250 hp
Group 1** Minimum Weight : 2,900 lbs
Group 2** Minimum Weight : 2,800 lbs
Group 3** Minimum Weight : 2,700 lbs
Group 4** Minimum Weight : 2,600 lbs
Maximum PI : Varies by build
** = Refer to Car List for specific cars

Cars must have:
- Stock Single Turbocharger (if the car does not have a turbo as stock, refer to CONVERSION below)

- 2004 Civic to be normally aspirated

All other categories are optional

Cars must have:
- Race Brakes
- Race Springs and Dampers
- Race Anti-roll Bars
- Race Chassis Reinforcement and Roll Cage

All other categories are optional

Cars must have:
- Sport Transmission

- Race Differential

All other categories are optional

Cars must have:
- Sport Compound
- Maximum Tire Width = 225
- Minimum Rim Size = 17" (front and rear)
- No chrome rims permitted

All other categories are optional

Cars must have:
- Stock Hood
- No Forza Bumpers

- No adjustable aero parts

All other categories are optional

Cars must remain stock unless the car does not come with a turbo as stock, in which case you must have:
- Aspiration Conversion (Single Turbocharger)

- 2004 Honda Civic to be normally aspirated
- Mini Cooper ONLY: I4T – MINI Cooper ‘09

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Re: FMC StockHatch Series 1 - Official Cars

Post  EZT PDILLY77 on Wed Jun 08, 2011 8:03 am

Also everyone, the 04 civic will be the only naturally aspirated car. This is only because if you add a single turbocharger it exceeds the 250 hp max. It will compete with every car thou!


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