FMC Invitational Challenge - Series Details

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FMC Invitational Challenge - Series Details

Post  Midnite Rider on Sat Mar 12, 2011 1:19 pm

Welcome to the 2011 FMC Invitational Challenge Series. The idea behind this series is allowing you the members to have the opportunity to run your own event. We recieve a lot of ideas and suggestions regarding different cars and different formats, so you now have the chance to put your idea into fruition.

Once a month, signed up participants get to pick a car and track to hold a one off race. Time and date of the race would be decided by the person holding the event for that month. The host can decide on all of the conditions for his/her race, car, tune - no tune, PI of the car, build, track and number of laps. It's your idea, so it's your race.

Simple, but it gives you, the chance to host your own event. Obviously, you can get others in to help out if necessary.

The points scoring for each race, will be decided by the race organizer themselves, and explained in the event details. The overall series points will be based on the following:

Event winner - 10 points
Runnerup - 8 points
3rd place - 5 points

Prizes will be awarded after the last race in December and based on the above scoring method:

1st - 1 Million credits
2nd - 500,00 credits
3rd - 250,000 credits

Please keep in mind when you plan your even to try to avoid the following Days & Times as they corrospond to other racing events here at the FMC:

Wednesday @ 9pm EST
Friday @ 9pm EST
Saturday @ 8pm EST

To kick this off, the March event has been organized, so you have plenty of time to get those ideas formatted and organized. Sign up and let's get your idea up and running.

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