80's DTM Series

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80's DTM Series

Post  Michae1 Weston on Sat Jan 15, 2011 2:01 am

There are alot of one make races here. But what about a car choice race? I tested 3 cars that were different but equal.

The DLC cars, Mercedes 190 Evo, Ford Sierra RS500, and the BMW E30 M3. I know some of you dont DL the DLC, but Id like to know if anybody is interested.

Around 230HP, C-420 PI. Race everything. Sport tires. Its like Stockhatch, just RWD. And less cars. The '93 Mustang didnt quite fit with the rest. It had the torque, but weighed too much. They were doing equal times at Silverstone and Bugatti.

Builds are in my SF for FREE. "Build for touring series" Dont pick the 944 or Mustang. Ill delete them soon.

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