Lobby Hosts / Procedures

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Lobby Hosts / Procedures

Post  glrdopehat420 on Sat Aug 28, 2010 11:26 pm

Race Host Instructions:

We will have a lead host and as many support hosts as needed for all to race. The lead will set up a Party chat, and will get all other race hosts into the party. From there the lobbies will be set up and all invites sent out. We will sort any connection issues in the party chat, and shuffle racers as required to get everyone in. Do not start your race until the lead host says go. At the end of the race, please collect the finishing order of all drivers in your lobby. Promptly give your results to the Lead Host, or post in the current race's thread.

First Week lobby orders will be based off of current True Skill. For the weeks there after, lobby position will be based off of current overall place in the series.

Lobby Settings

Game Type - Cat and Mouse
Number of Teams - 4
End of Race Timer - 00:30

Advanced Rules:
Scoring Type - Time-based

Over Rides:
Disable Wrong Way Indicator: yes (optional)

Mouse Options:
Max Players - 4
Allow Upgrades - no
Car Class - E
Make - Ford
Model Family - Focus
Model - Ford Focus '06

Cat Options:
Roll-Off Delay - 10s
Max Players - 4
Upgrades - yes
Car Class - S

Lobby Hosts


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