Cat and Mouse Series Details

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Cat and Mouse Series Details

Post  glrdopehat420 on Sun Aug 08, 2010 10:45 am


Series Break Down:
The series will run for 8 weeks on Wednesdays at 8:00PM CST. Players will team up in teams of two. Teams will alternate position week to week. IE - one week you are the cat the next week you are the mouse. If you started as mouse that week, you will finish all races in that week as the mouse, and the next week you will be the cat. Please indicate who will be what car for the first week in the sign-up thread. The teams that finished in first and second will move on to the winner's lobby(s). The two or possibly one team that finishes in 3rd and 4th will move on to the loser's lobby(s) to compete for the final positioning for the week. The teams of two MUST have matching paints, to prevent confusion. The idea for this series will be to get your mouse across the finish line first, and do whatever is necessary to do so.

Team/Partner Absences:
Since this is a two man team event, we will probably experience absences with partners and teams. In the instance your partner is absent, you are welcome to seek out a replacement. This replacement MUST be registered with the FMC prior to running in the event. We recommend that you have a replacement lined up - in case you run into this issue - ahead of time. You will have until just before the race starts to substitute a team mate for the week. Please be sure to let one of the FMC Administrators know as soon as possible. Substitutes aren't required to sign-up for the event, unless they will be replacing your partner for the remainder of the event's races. They would do so in the General Chat thread, just as they would have during the sign-up period. If it's the whole team, please keep us informed whether it will be just for the week or the whole event.

The mouse will drive a stock Ford Focus ST which is an E265. The cat will drive an S class car (non-DLC), which is opened to tuning and upgrading up to S700 no higher.
For complete list of DLC cars please refer to the thread labelled "DLC Cars to-Date".

Points for series positioning will be decided by your team's final weekly position with bonus points for winning in all of the week's lobbies (if applicable), and participation (weekly). Points are as follows:
Any points earned in respective lobbies WILL NOT count for first place or overall scoring. First mouse to cross the finish line wins, period.

Bonus Points:
Winning all lobbies: 40 [weekly]
Participation: 20 [weekly]

Series prizes will consist of:
Weekly money/credits prize for top 5.
Series money/credits prize for Top 5.
The series winning team will also receive two special designs. A Speedy Gonzalez design painted on a Ford Focus, and a Heathcliff design painted on a Lamborghini Reveton, courtesy of GLR's own BossHamster.

1ST: 50,000 cr
2ND: 40,000 cr
3RD: 30,000 cr
4TH: 20,000 cr
5TH: 10,000 cr

1ST: 500,000 cr
2ND: 400,000 cr
3RD: 300,000 cr
4TH: 200,000 cr
5TH: 100,000 cr

Tracks & Timeline:
The tracks are as follows:
Week 1: Race #1 - Nurburgring GP Full 7 Laps, Race #2 - Catalunya Full 7 Laps, Race #3 - Road Atlanta Full 7 Laps
Week 2: Race #1 - Road America 5 Laps, Race #2 - Le Mans Bugatti 9 Laps, Race #3 - Tsukuba Full 12 Laps
Week 3: Race #1 - Le Mans La Sarthe 3 Laps, Race #2 - Camino Viejo Full 10 Laps, Race #3 - Iberian Full 10 Laps
Week 4: Race #1 - Mugello Full 7 Laps, Race #2 - Laguna Seca 7 Laps, Race #3 - Maple Valley Full 7 Laps
Week 5: Race #1 - Nurburgring Full 2 Laps, Race #2 - New York New 9 Laps, Race #3 - Ladera Full 10 Laps
Week 6: Race #1 - Sebring Full 7 Laps, Race #2 - Motegi Full 7 Laps, Race #3 - Silverstone International 9 Laps
Week 7: Race #1 - Sedona Full 5 Laps, Race #2 - Sunset Full 7 Laps, Race #3 - Suzuka West 9 Laps
Week 8: Race #1 - Suzuka Full 7 Laps, Race #2 - Silverstone Full 7 Laps, Race #3 - Benchmark Layout A 12 Laps
Race #3 will be ran if needed to decide final places for the week.


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Re: Cat and Mouse Series Details

Post  glrdopehat420 on Wed Sep 22, 2010 11:30 pm

Sign-ups will be closing Sunday September 26th @ 3:30 CST.

Sorry forgot to add that.


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