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Series Suggestion

Post  glrdopehat420 on Sun Jul 25, 2010 3:38 pm

How about running a Tuesday night series of model and class versus events? For example, one week you would run B class Subaru Impreza (certain build, and class) vs. B class Mitsubishi Lancer (certain build, and class). The next week would feature two completely different cars (and class), and each week it changes to a different make and class of cars versus each other. The cars have to be the same class, and preferrably power rating. You would run a different track each week, as well. It allows us to drive the different cars, and see what ones are really good and the ones that really aren't worth driving or maybe even find a sleeper LB car. And heck even run maybe a couple of cars at X class, fully modified/tuned. You may tank a week or two, and then finally you get a good selection of cars that come up and you come back to win the series. True test for anyone's driving skill. IDK just a thought. Idea


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